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I’m helping to beat blood cancer by taking part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave!

Hey everyone!!

I am SO excited to be taking part in the World's Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation this year! I have been wanting to do this for a very, very long time, and the time has now come! I am on a mission to shave the world from blood cancer. Hell yes!!

I would greatly appreciate your sponsorship to a cause that I feel resonates with us all. Either yourself, a relative, a friend, or someone close to you is facing some sort of battle, either with cancer or any other illness or struggle. Life sucks sometimes, we all know it. I lost my beloved Yiayia to the early stages of Leukaemia almost 7 years ago... she was gone way too quickly and thankfully didn't suffer too long. But there are so many individuals and families out there that are going through this, right here, right now. They need every ounce of emotional and practical support they can get, and this is just a little way of doing our bit for them!

It's scary to know how common blood cancers are. Every day another 35 Australians are diagnosed with a blood cancer. That's one Aussie every 41 minutes. Although research is improving survival, sadly an Australian loses their life to blood cancer every two hours. It's crazy.

Yiayia was gone before the stages of losing her hair.. I couldn't imagine how she would have felt if she did. I want to do the shave, to show my support to those who don't have a choice about growing their hair long, or sporting a new look. Especially for females. There's definitely a huge stigma around it. It shouldn't be about looking a certain way, or fitting in with the status quo, but just being. Being comfortable and confident in your own skin, free of judgement. Embracing the shortcomings of this thing called "life", taking them as they come, and being brave for the journey ahead.

Be courageous, be kind and wear your heart out there like nobody's watching - that's the most important thing right? I am so excited, and I hope you can come on this journey with me.

Lots of love xxx

Event Date
Mar 13, 2019 12:00 AM
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New South Wales

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Carly S left a message
Mar 20, 2019 9:22 PM
You go, girl! :bee:
Carly Savona donated $33.83
Mar 20, 2019 9:21 PM
Arna Stoupas donated an undisclosed amount
Mar 20, 2019 3:52 PM
Maria G left a message
Mar 20, 2019 11:35 AM
So proud of you and I know your Giagia would be even prouder .. :heart:
Maria Georgio donated an undisclosed amount
Mar 20, 2019 11:33 AM
Paul Cavaco left a message
Mar 19, 2019 10:18 PM
Very Proud of You! Love Dad xox
Paul Cavaco donated $102.50
Mar 19, 2019 10:17 PM
Alexandra Lewtas donated $20.00
Mar 19, 2019 9:55 PM
Fabiana Caletta donated $40.00
Mar 19, 2019 9:33 PM
Doron Chester donated $33.00
Mar 19, 2019 9:20 PM
Christie Naumovski donated $80.00
Mar 19, 2019 8:20 PM
Olivia Vasquez donated $33.00
Mar 19, 2019 8:20 PM
Angel, Maddy, Ramz, Jer xxx donated $54.33
Mar 19, 2019 7:46 PM
Joanne Stassos left a message
Mar 19, 2019 7:25 PM
Your Amazing, your Inspiration too many just shows the courage and support to go above and beyond no matter what it takes! Your a Star...:star2:
Joanne Stassos donated $20.00
Mar 19, 2019 7:18 PM
Mike Cox left a message
Mar 19, 2019 6:50 PM
Woo hoo!! So proud of you lovely!!
Mike Cox donated $20.50
Mar 19, 2019 6:49 PM
Maria Sfakianakis donated $33.00
Mar 19, 2019 6:23 PM
Petros minogiannis left a message
Mar 14, 2019 6:00 PM
Petros Minogiannis donated $53.00
Mar 14, 2019 5:59 PM
Mary T Designs left a message
Mar 14, 2019 3:35 PM
All the best on the shaving of your hair, well done you are helping a great cause.
Mary T Designs donated $53.00
Mar 14, 2019 3:33 PM
Szymon Prokop donated $51.25
Mar 14, 2019 2:37 PM
Stella Minogiannis donated $82.00
Mar 13, 2019 4:56 PM
Soula and stella left a message
Mar 13, 2019 4:47 PM
Soula and stella Minogianis donated $40.00
Mar 13, 2019 4:46 PM
Sophie Athitakis Kaza left a message
Mar 10, 2019 8:13 PM
Sophie Athitakis Kaza donated $54.33
Mar 10, 2019 8:12 PM
Hayley McCoy left a message
Mar 4, 2019 8:25 AM
YAAASSSSS Queen! What an awesome cause Anne-Marie! Xx
Hayley McCoy donated $20.00
Mar 4, 2019 8:24 AM
X left a message
Mar 3, 2019 9:11 PM
Charity is such an important virtue. Anne-Marie, this is one of your greatest performances. You’re inspiring your friends and family to give for a great cause in the best possible way. Congratulations!
Privacy Requested donated $256.25
Mar 3, 2019 9:05 PM
George Minogiannis left a message
Feb 28, 2019 8:46 PM
George Minogiannis donated $150.00
Feb 28, 2019 8:45 PM
Erin & Gavin left a message
Feb 28, 2019 9:27 AM
You are amazing and we adore you! Xxx
Erin & Gavin Brightwell donated $54.33
Feb 28, 2019 9:26 AM
Costa Minogiannis left a message
Feb 27, 2019 3:14 PM
Love you :heart_eyes: sister
Costa Minogiannis donated $54.33
Feb 27, 2019 3:13 PM
Sylvia left a message
Feb 27, 2019 7:30 AM
Love you, and your amazing heart, always :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Sylvia Dritsakis donated $153.75
Feb 27, 2019 7:30 AM
Cindy and Kosta left a message
Feb 26, 2019 8:08 PM
Wow, that is so cool Anne-Marie x x x x
Cindy Stoupas donated $54.33
Feb 26, 2019 8:07 PM
Samantha left a message
Feb 26, 2019 10:42 AM
You’re amazing! :hearts:
Samantha Egonow donated $33.83
Feb 26, 2019 10:42 AM
Talia Kuo left a message
Feb 26, 2019 7:48 AM
Go Annemarie!!!!!!
Talia Kuo donated $33.00
Feb 26, 2019 7:48 AM
Myrna Perry donated $53.00
Feb 26, 2019 7:39 AM
Julian Kuo left a message
Feb 26, 2019 7:03 AM
Smashing it! Xxx
Julian Kuo donated $54.33
Feb 26, 2019 7:02 AM
Gina Karnasiotis left a message
Feb 26, 2019 6:41 AM
Great cause! So proud of you Anne-Marie!
Gina Karnasiotis donated $103.00
Feb 26, 2019 6:39 AM
Christina Cavaco left a message
Feb 26, 2019 5:17 AM
You really are such a special soul. Love you x
Christina Cavaco donated $54.33
Feb 26, 2019 5:16 AM
Paul Miskimmon left a message
Feb 25, 2019 10:12 PM
You are the best!!!!
Paul Miskimmon donated $105.58
Feb 25, 2019 10:11 PM
Anne-Marie left a message
Feb 25, 2019 9:52 PM
Yaaaaaas girl, work it! ;)
Anne-Marie Cavaco donated $103.00
Feb 25, 2019 9:51 PM